Flower Child Mineral Blush Makeup (Zinnia)

$ 25.00

Product Description

Natural beauty products

Blush makeup

This natural beauty product gives you the Zinnia shade. A lustrous, light baby pink for complexion enhancing rosey cheeks. This natural pop of color will ad a sunshine, smiley radiance no matter where you go. Color is buildable and can be worn sheer or a brigther pink for deeper tones of natural blush makeup.

This blush contains Carmine and is therefore non-vegan. 

Ingredients: Mica; Zinc Oxide (Non-nano).

Contains sun protection due to the Zinc Oxide

Made WITHOUT preservatives or parabens, fillers, dyes, oils or talc. 
These hand blended natural beauty products do not contain any Bismuth Oxychoride, which can cause adverse reactions. 

Packaging: 20 gram sifter jar, holds approximately 5 grams of blush by weight.

Made in USA. 

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