Baked Blush

$ 22.50

Product Description

Chalet Baked Rouge Sensation is a luxurious highly pigmented, baked blush.  Chalet baked blush is a silky smooth, blend able powder that adds color and radiance to cheeks.   Chalet blush comes in a variety of shades to compliment your wardrobe and skin tone.

Choosing the right cheek or blush color for your skin tone is important.  Choose a light peach or apricot blush if you have very fair skin.  Medium skin can use pink or peach cheek color and deeper skin tones go with bolder cheek colors.  A blush color that is too light for dark skin can make the skin look ashy and a cheek color that is too dark for fair skin can look fake.  Using the right shade of cheek color will give you a natural beautiful radiance to the cheeks.